5 Ways To Boost The Brand Of Your Small Business Online

Take these 5 steps and you can transform the way consumers in your local market view your business:

1. Website

If you want your business to be seen online as an industry leader in your local market then your website should reflect that.  It’s not sufficient to just have a website now.  Your business needs a site that has a sleek & modern design, proper navigation and a user-friendly layout for all devices (mobile included!).  You want your website to shout “We are a business that has embraced the latest technologies and trends!”

2. Social Media

It’s been well publicized that having a solid presence on popular social media networks can help your business. Social media marketing can help you attract new customers and connect with your existing base, but one element that doesn’t get talked about as much is what having a presence on social media says about your business.  A business that has a well optimized social media profile is viewed as cutting-edge, and a more established & reputable business.  Social media is especially important to your brand in the eyes of the younger audience.  Don’t forget that even though Millenials might not be your ideal target audience right now, they will be in a few years as their purchasing power increases.

3. Video

It’s fantastic that you have a long paragraph of text on your website to describe your business and its services but let’s face it, most people don’t read a lot of text on your site. Words are great for search engines but there’s more effective ways to capture people’s attention online, with one being video.  A short custom video that describes your business along with the products and services that you offer is an ideal way to engage your audience and upgrade the brand of your business online.

4. Infographics

Just as people love to watch videos online, they also love pictures.  Visuals trump words on the web when it comes to people so why not get your message across with some sleek pictures called infographics?  Essentially they’re images that have information on them that will attract a larger audience while giving your business a great look online.

5. Blog

Business blogging has a few different names (inbound marketing, content marketing) but the idea behind it is to promote content online that people find valuable and search engines find worthy of giving visibility to.  Aside from driving online visibility and traffic, blogging shows your local market that you are an industry expert and a true leader in the field.

It’s now critically important for your business to have a successful brand on the Internet.  By taking the proper steps now, it will position your business for success and a bright future online.  If you have questions about the information above or would like help boosting the brand of your business online please give us a call at (866) 234-7170 or email info@networkforsolutions.com.

by Adam Camara

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