A Helpful Local Business SEO Tip From Google

The 2 most important Internet properties for a local business are its website and Google listing. It’s widely known that a website is something that needs ongoing management and upkeep, however this is not well known when it comes to the Google property. The perception is that a Google local business listing is something to “set & forget”, but in reality it should have ongoing management to maintain proper visibility and optimal performance.

An example to illustrate this point is an email directly from the Google support team. The background to the story is we noticed a duplicate Google listing out there for one of our new clients that had incorrect information, and contacted Google to have it fixed. Below is the email response from the Google support team (names have been blacked out for privacy). The key thing to note here is the highlighted “Helpful Hint. To summarize, they are confirming the best practice of ongoing management of your Google listing for best results:

Google HintIn closing, this example lends even more support to the belief that an effective search engine optimization (SEO) program is an ongoing process and not an event.