Beat Your Local Competitors With Optimized Business Listings

Local Business Listings Tips

For a local business, the competition for online visibility in your local market is more fierce than ever. You can stand out from the pack though if you focus on the details with your business listings, specifically with 2 key components: Identities & Attributes (see below): Google Version 3 API Update One of the most…

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Business Owners Beware of Fake Google Scams

Here’s an often overlooked benefit that a small business gets when they have an ongoing program with an Internet Marketing / SEO Company: Having a trusted advisor, and expert in the field, on their team to prevent them from the many dangerous pitfalls online. One of the most dangerous pitfalls is SPAM email and phone calls…

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Google Announcement – Mobile-Friendly Websites To Rank Higher Starting April 21

Google made a big announcement yesterday regarding their mobile search algorithm. In an unprecedented move, they have announced the exact date that they intend to change their mobile organic ranking algorithm to more heavily weigh “mobile friendliness” as a ranking signal. That date is April 21. Back in November we posted about Google adding “Mobile-Friendly”…

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Mobile Commerce: The Way of the Future is Now

Website Design Firm

So you’ve been delaying it. No, no, it’s fine, just admit it: you hoped it wouldn’t happen yet. But the speed and suddenness of the rise of mobile seems to have taken everyone by surprise: almost from one day to the next, mobile seems to have matured and gained ascendance in the market. So the…

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Mobile Website Design For The Modern Business

The Importance Of Mobile Website Design For Modern Businesses Virtually everyone expects the businesses they interact with to not only be readily accessible via mobile, but not every business optimizes their user’s mobile experience. Not taking full advantage of mobile opportunities is a significant gap in any company’s marketing plan these days; so it only…

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Google Adds "Mobile-Friendly" Label To Mobile Search Results

Mobile-Friendly Google Label Example

We’ve been advising business owners, for quite a while, to make sure their website is mobile-friendly, in order to make the user-experience optimal. This is more important than ever, and Google has just made an implementation to their mobile search results that makes having a mobile-friendly website even more critical. Effective immediately, Google has added…

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Facebook Now Showing in Google “Reviews From Around the Web”

For the first time, Facebook reviews are now being picked up and displayed in the “Reviews from around the web” section of a Google local page. So when someone reviews your business on Facebook, it’s not only visible to everyone on Facebook, but also now Google. If you had any doubt about whether you should use…

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What Einstein Would Say to Internet Marketing Companies

When you hire a great Internet marketing firm to help your business grow, you should not only expect that firm to deliver the work and results agreed upon, but you should also expect them to communicate that work and results to you in a simplified manner. Of course you shouldn’t expect to understand all the…

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(From The Vault) – Lessons From The Great Depression: The IBM Story

This article was originally written by Kevin Maney on 10/10/08 during the heart of The Great Recession: IBM is currently one of the largest corporations in the world, but even the smallest local businesses can learn a valuable lesson from how this great company positioned itself for future success during terrible economic conditions. IBM has…

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