The 3 Keys To Growing Your Local Business Online

Chances are, as a small business owner you’re quite busy, leaving you with very limited time to devote towards marketing and growing your local business online. Here’s a tip: Narrow your focus down to these 3 things and you’ll be on your way to successfully growing your business and beating your local competition online: Get…

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Beat Your Local Competitors With Optimized Business Listings

Local Business Listings Tips

For a local business, the competition for online visibility in your local market is more fierce than ever. You can stand out from the pack though if you focus on the details with your business listings, specifically with 2 key components: Identities & Attributes (see below): Google Version 3 API Update One of the most…

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Business Owners Beware of Fake Google Scams

Here’s an often overlooked benefit that a small business gets when they have an ongoing program with an Internet Marketing / SEO Company:¬†Having a trusted advisor, and expert in the field, on their team to prevent them from the many dangerous pitfalls online. One of the most dangerous pitfalls is SPAM email and phone calls…

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