Network For Solutions Forms Strategic Google Ads Partnership

In 2010, Network For Solutions, LLC was formed to provide small businesses with an affordable and effective solution to grow online. The Web Presence Package contains the essentials for digital success, and for many businesses, a complimentary piece to the Web Presence Package is Google Advertising. We are pleased to announce our latest strategic partnership for Google Ads with EM Search Consulting, LLC.

EM Search Consulting is based in Chicago and has been a Google Premier Partner for 9 straight years.

Statement from Network For Solutions, LLC Founders, Adam Camara & Brian Hickey:

“The #1 commitment to our clients has always been, and always will be, to provide them with the best of the best services, tools and people. Our new partnership with EM Search Consulting will ensure that our clients get the best return on investment from Google Ads possible. With Google Ads becoming increasingly more complex and competitive, it’s a major advantage to have a company like EM Search Consulting managing your account. Their level of expertise and experience allows them direct access to dedicated Google representatives that very few other agencies have. We are very excited for the positive impact that this partnership will have on our clients’ businesses.”