Is your current website design more than 2 years old? Chances are it is, and it could be hurting the overall performance of your website online. The average consumer upgrades their cell phone every 2 years because they want a smarter, sleeker and more effective device. The same approach should apply for your business website design as well.

One of the most common mistakes local businesses make online is simply not keeping their website design and structure up to date with modern standards. After just a couple of years, websites become outdated and may no longer meet the latest SEO best practices. Static, brochure-like websites don’t perform as well in search engines or adapt easily to frequent changes in search algorithms or consumer expectations.

Tip: Redesign your website every two years and make sure it’s optimized with the latest best practices and back-end coding. Today, that includes a professionally designed website with engaging images and fresh content that’s relevant to the top products and services you want to promote. A dynamic website with content and images that are easy to update will work in your favor as search trends continue to change.

Your website is the face of your business online and it can be your most powerful marketing tool with the proper upkeep and maintenance.